When Alyssa Milano traded in her Tesla for a Volkswagon, she probably thought people would think it was great. She was dissing Elon Musk, after all. Unfortunately, the gimmick backfired when the internet figured out that you don’t trade your American EV for a car made by a company started by Hitler and say it’s on moral grounds. Humiliated, she drove all the way home to Soho to spend some time with her sister, Albina Milano. What happened next is the perfect picture of karma.

It’s true. Alyssa Milano’s Volkswagon burst into flames, taking the car behind it with it and nearly burning millions of dollars worth of posh Manhattan real estate.

The actress now faces civil lawsuits as well as a criminal inquiry over whether or not her vehicle was legally parked to begin with. “If she was illegally parked,” said Jersey City Police Chief Joe Barron, “she’s liable for everything else that happened, incluing the melted road signd and that nice woman’s garden gnome.” Sources say the gnome was completely destroyed.

The problem here is that celebrities thing they can just do whatever they want. Unfortunately, actions, even those that may be fictional, have severe consequences.

God bless America.


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