Dennis Miller would have made an excellent conservative commentator on “The View” for a few days while Allysa Farrah Griffin is out for maternity leave.

‘Normally, we’d book someone for the full three weeks she’ll be gone,” said Whoopi Goldberg,” but we wanted to break it up. I thought Dennis Miller would make for an interesting conversation.”

Unfortunately, Miller declined, stating his desire for “intelligent debate” rather than the poo-flinging they typically resort to on the show. “I’m not interested in being Whoopi and Joy’s whipping post for four days. Thanks but no thanks.”

Miller isn’t currently working, but he hopes to have some offers come in soon. “Rosie Barr has a new thing,” he told us in an exclusive interview,” I’d join her panel. I do enjoy being the smartest guy in the room by a few dozen IQ points.”

Roseanne hasn’t released the panelists on her new “View” style show, but she promised to include men, unlike Whoopi. “I’m not a sexist,” said the rebounding star, “I don’t care if the person I’m talking to has a penis, unless he’s pretending he don’t.”

The show will fill the spot with someone, but it may require the loss of the conservative voice for a while. “Finding a cultist willing to get skewered by intelligent, confident women isn’t easy on such short notice,” Whoopi commented.

She certainly has no problem showing off her ego, does she? God Bless America.

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  1. Greta Wood

    Seems like real news to me!

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