Investigators in Martha’s Vineyard are looking at a possible connection between the Obama family chef found dead in a private pond near their home and the Clintons.

According to reports, the Obamas “leased” their private chef to Bill and Hillary Clinton on more than one occasion is 2021.

According to the law, “leasing” a human being is illegal in 46 states, including New York, where the Clintons reside and Massachusetts, where the body was discovered.

Detective Joe Barron of the MVPD told ALLOD Correspondent Cynthia Luhu that the Clintons very well may have been looking at jail time if the chef spoke up, which might give them motive. “It’s an avenue we’d be silly not to explore,” said Barron.

The Obamas, who haven’t admitted to the leasing deal, sent out heartfelt thoughts and hopes for healing to the young man’s family rather than doing what they should be doing: admitting to a crime of some sort.

Former President Barack Obama told Luhu that the entire premise is ridiculous. “He catered a couple of events for the Clintons. They paid him. Then he came back. It was 72 hours combined. These people are idiots,” said the infamous traitor in the tan suit, “maybe have some respect for this man and his family.

Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, we have no choice but to stir the pot. God Bless America.


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