It’s true. Scott Baio will work with Director Ron Howard on a new Happy Days Storyline, pulling in more than $14 million to play “Chachi.”

The new show has been in the works for more than two years, led by Henry Winkler. Winkler hired Howard, who immediately demanded Baio.

Initially, Winkler said no, because, as he put it, “Scott is a bit of a dick. He’s difficult to work with, he harasses any female under 20 he sees, and his politics make him trash.” Those statements, made just after the 2020 election, were officially retracted this morning by Winkler’s agent, Joe Barron:

Whatever Mr. Winkler had to say back then was likely in the heat of the moment and based on the political climate at the time. He looks forward to working with Scott Baio and doesn’t at all beliove that Summer girl.”

We reached out to Winkler, who told us he’d prefer not to comment but he’s pretty sure Baio killed the girl who played Joannie. “Nonetheless, if Ron Howard wants someone, he gets him.”

A spokesman for Baio says while the details are sketchy, it appears that he’ll be able to just record his lines from home and have his character inserted via CGI. “They want to have the young Chachi, plus nobody will show up to work with him. Scott is all for it.”

The $14 million is for one season, payable if the show reaches a designated market share and conditional on Baio “removing his idiocy from social media.” His spokesman said he’ll probably give up his 1st Amendment rights because he really needs the money, but he intends to get right back on when the contract is up.

It’s be great to have him back on TV, patriots. That’s all we know. God Bless America.


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