The claim: Pat Robertson left a huge sum to the Trump 2024 campaign.

Claimed by: Respectable internet journalists.

Fact-Check By: F. Eagleton, ALLOD

We Rate This Claim: TRUE

Pat Robertson was a huge fan of former President Donald Trump. That’s no secret. What most people don’t know is that he and his university were also megadonors to his campaign. His church also contributed tens of millions over the years.

That’s why when we heard the news that Robertson had given $100 million of his m$1.2 billion estate to the Trump 2024 campaign, it wasn’t difficult to confirm as true.

First of all, the story was broken by Fallis Gunnington, one of the most respected of the internet journalisticators. Second, everyone who loves Trump and Pat Robertson wants it to be true, making it almost too easy to prove.

That’s why we decided to forego the research and go with our gut on this one, patriots. There’s no way this isn’t true, if we all hope and pray for it to be so.

A spokesperson for the Robertson family said the claim was “absolutely true” and that Pat had “secured himself a room in Heaven with the greatest president of all time.”

We wish you well, Mr. Robinson. Surely, whatever room you and Donald Trump end up in together will be warm and…well…really, really warm. God Bless America.


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