Joy Behar thought it was a good idea to tell the world that all of the world’s problems come down to “conservative heterosexual men” who let their kids play full-contact football. The comment, of course, drew the ire of a lengthy list of conservatives. The best response, however, came from the legend himself: Chuck Norris.

“You have no room to talk about parenting, Joy. Your kid is a felon.”

Behar, who left Twitter in solidarity with Whoopi Goldberg, got the message through The View’s page, as well as private messages from the master on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. “She knows how I feel,” Norris told our reporter.

Norris’ accusations are, of course, true. Behar’s son, Johnathon Livingston Behar, was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the federal government after he got a grant to study the mating habits of warthogs but squandered the funds on vacations and loose women. He spent 4 months in a minimum security lockup outside of Moosejaw.

His mom had no reply, nor will she answer our requests for comment. Her agent, Joe Barron, told us she’s not going to dignify the “ridiculous accusations” with a response. “Joy has one kid, and she’s not a he named Jonathon. It’s time people got a grip.”

Norris eventually apologized for the mixup and deleted the tweet, but while it was up, he was the king of the internet. God bless you, Chuck Norris, and God bless America.


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