Country Music Television (CMT) is still paying the price for canceling Jason Aldean’s video “Try That In a Small Town.” In what may be the most crushing blow yet, country megastar Blake Shelton has announced that he’s backing out of a $30 million project with the network.

“Jason is my friend,” said Shelton, “He deserves better than the disrespect shown to him by CMT.”

CMT Spokesman Joe Barron said the network didn’t mean to upset anyone with the move. “We wanted to make everyone comfortable, so we removed it,” he said.

We can’t find exactly how that makes everyone comfortable since it’s the number one song on iTunes. But he’s welcome to his opinion, and the viewing public is welcome to theirs.

We sent ALLOD Correspondent Cynthia Luhu to Nashville to check in with the network and see if they’ll survive the hit. “We do like $60 million a year in total revenue,” said Program Director Art Tubolls, “so losing a $30 million fictional production will either lose us a bunch or save us a bunch. We can’t really figure it out. We went woke, so we’re probably gonna go ahead and go broke.”

At least they score big in the self-awareness department, much like our loyal and patriotic fans.

All we can say at this point is, Thank you, Blake Shelton. God Bless you and God Bless America.


  1. JezMyOpinion

    Nice to see someone with nads still around.


      Blake is one of the best in the business and will never fall into the “WOKE” abyss…. Love both of these authentic people.

      • M

        It’s satire. It’s not real. Did you not read the disclaimer.

  2. phranny

    Haven’t corporations learned by now that the consumer is who made them wealthy & it will be the consumer who can take it all away? Being aware is one thing but leaning more to one side of a cultural issue vs the opinion of the majority & their stock holders is business suicide.

    • Gary Guan

      The idiots won’t understand though!

  3. Dunny Kruger

    Flagg Eagleton: patriot, lasted four years in ‘military’ went from welfare to trailer park technician.
    This is parody mocking the singers.
    Hahahaha! Rubes can’t tell.

  4. Tom Durkin

    We really need to work on reading comprehension and critical thinking.

  5. Mark

    Dude. This a satire account. None of it’s true. They do it to make fun of people like you.

  6. Mark

    Look I know it’s satire. I know it’s funny when these twats fall for it. But for the artists being used it’s not funny. Because they are the ones that get attacked. That it’s worth Shelton is not nor has been a friend of Aldean. His ex wife is. But setting up someone to use who has nothing to do with this toad is uncool.

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