Health insurance in America is too expensive. The more procedures they cover, the higher the cost goes for the rest of us. This is a basic economic principle. That’s not stopping Jie Biden though. Just today, he announced his new plan that will require insurance companies to cover gender reassignment and treat them as essential procedures.

According to a lengthy and in-depth study by the Dunning-Kruger Institute, this policy shift would increase the average healthcare premium by two dollars a month.

“Making these procedures mandatory to be covered would cost us an average of two dollars per person per month. It would greatly benefit the lives of many Americans, but their happiness is of no concern to us. That is why we are advocating against such a measure. We got ours.”

Republican Congressman Joe Barron said he will fight against this bill tooth and claw:

“This is a load of rubbish. Who cares about these people. No Americans get healthcare, what makes them think they’re special? They can suffer along with the rest of us. Nothing will ever get better in this country under our current leadership. Our leaders are stupid.”

Barron, once again, is absolutely correct. Nothing will get better in this country under our leadership. We need to change it out if we are to have a chance at a better future. It is imperative that we vote red always. Otherwise, we might get things like healthcare and fair wages, and a whole bunch of other horrible things.


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