President Joe Biden isn’t happy about the string of Supreme Court rulings plaguing his term in office. More laws have been overturned on his watch than any other president in history.

In response, the White House is canceling its Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July. “America isn’t free,” said Biden, “so we’re not gonna pretend that it is.”

Republicans immediately called him out for having a “temper tantrum.” Rep Lauren Boebert said that if Biden would focus more on the southern border, we’d be a much freer country. Senator Marco Rubio said in his America, people pay their bills and make their own way.

“We plan to use this against him during our impeachment inquiries,” said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. “How could he do such a thing?

The Biden administration now denies canceling the event, calling the report “a ridiculous jab to stoke conservative outrage.” He says “In fact, we’re gonna have triple 4th of July fun at the White House.”

Aides confirm that the canceled ceremony is back on and that there will be a bouncy house “exclusively for presidents.” He did make it clear that Trump isn’t invited, and that Obama and Dubyah would need “clean socks. Clinton gets the joke.”

Way to backpedal, Joe. God Bless America.



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