John Krasinski has made a name for himself as an action star. Since his debut as an office-dwelling nerd on “The Office,” Krasinski has molded himself into an action star worthy of big-name films.

He starred in the Benghazi movie, and more recently, he became a regular on the hit Amazon show “Jack Ryan.” In 2024, he was set to play the lead in the Disney/Marvel blockbuster “The Fantastic 4.”

Unfortunately, he may end up leaving that role behind after Casting Director Joe Barron announced the addition of Alyssa Milano as Susan Storm.

“Milano has everything we’re looking for in the role,” said Barron, “she’s hot and fit, and she can cry on demand.”

Krasinski says it’s the crying he can’t handle. “It’s non-stop drama with her and woke thing. Everything has to be about politics with her. She wouldn’t even admit that Hiullary Clinton was directly responsible for Benghazi. I was like…Bitch. I was in the damn movie.”

Krasinski says he doesn’t often talk about his political leanings because Hollywood expects someone married to Emily Blunt to be “progressive.” Close family friend and nearly-as-hot-as-Alyssa-Milano Anna Kendrick says the actor is a staunch conservative. “We don’t let him hang out with us in public,” she said, “he gets a PBR in him and he turns into one of them. It’s almost creepy.”

Blunt says regardless of what his political leanings might be, he buffed out for the action roles and she’s “cool with using him for his body.” Looks like that’s what it’s like to live with a liberal. How he does it is anyone’s guess. God bless you, John Krasinsky. And God Bless America.”


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