Roseanne’s big win in a Los Angeles courtroom was revered by the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court, which seats 14 liberals and just 2 conservatives, is the last bastion of hope for many social justice warrior causes.

The court ruled that the jury has no jurisdiction over the show because it airs nationwide, superseding the state’s right to intervene. While the federal government can’t take back the $208 million, the show itself still belongs to ABC.

In response, the network immediately renewed the show for a sixth season, promising guest appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Milano.

“They’re just doing that to get to me,” said Roseanne, “They think because I don’t have their stupid show that I’m not still the comedy and they’re wrong.”

We looked into the claim, and unfortunately, the loss of the show officially bumps Sarah Silverman to the top of the list for Comedy Queen. Roseanne’s grip on Hollywood, therefore, has come to an end. But that’s okay, because she still rocked the standup, so she’s still gonna get that new show. And a shiny new story for each cast member she adds.

Critics are looking forward to it. “She’s such an easy target,” said most of them, “and she doesn’t even realize it.”


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